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Project Overview

Embark on a transformative real estate experience with Relux, our meticulously designed Real Estate Website. This digital haven redefines the way you explore, buy, sell, and rent properties, seamlessly blending innovation with elegance.

Team size



65 days


Real Estate

Client name

Thaamir al Khalaf



Project Idea

Relux was conceived with a vision to revolutionize the online real estate landscape. The project aimed to create a platform that not only showcases properties in a visually compelling manner but also simplifies the property search process. The idea was to make Relux a one-stop solution for individuals and businesses engaged in real estate transactions.

Project Highlights

  • A Visual Symphony: Relux transforms the property-search journey into an aesthetically pleasing experience, each listing a visual symphony waiting to be discovered.
  • Intuitive Exploration: Navigate the world of real estate effortlessly with Relux. Our design prioritizes intuitive navigation, ensuring that your journey through property listings, detailed descriptions, and interactive maps is smooth, engaging, and tailored to your unique preferences.
  • Curated Elegance: Meticulously crafted interfaces showcase each property’s uniqueness, making every listing an opportunity for users to envision their future with unparalleled clarity.

Challenges and Objectives

The challenge was to create a design that not only showcases properties effectively but also simplifies the property search process. The objective was to make Relux a go-to platform for individuals and businesses involved in real estate transactions.

Our Approach

Our design approach involved creating a visually striking platform with a user-centric focus. We aimed to provide a seamless experience for both property seekers and sellers, emphasizing clarity, functionality, and ease of use.


  • Styleguide Creation: Developed a styleguide to ensure a consistent and visually appealing design across the platform.
  • Web Design: Crafted interfaces that prioritize user engagement and enhance the overall real estate browsing and transaction experience.

Client Testimonial

“Relux has redefined our online presence in the real estate market. The design work done by Rethink has not only elevated our platform aesthetically but has also streamlined the property search process for our users.” – Thaamir al Khalaf

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