Luxete – Social Shopping App Design

Project Overview

Embark on a revolutionary shopping experience with Luxete, our innovative Social Shopping App. Discover a dynamic platform that seamlessly blends social media and e-commerce, creating a vibrant community for fashion enthusiasts. Explore, share, and shop in style with Luxete.

Team size



60 days



Client name

Franke van Elferen



Project Idea

Luxete was conceptualized with the idea of revolutionizing the online fashion landscape. The project aimed to create more than just a shopping app—it sought to build a dynamic community where users could not only discover and purchase the latest fashion trends but also engage, share, and connect with like-minded individuals. Luxete envisioned a space where fashion enthusiasts become an integral part of the platform, shaping and influencing trends within the community.

Challenges and Objectives

Addressing the challenge of seamlessly integrating social and e-commerce features, Luxete’s objective was to establish a fashion community that encourages user interaction and simplifies the shopping experience.

Our Approach

Our design approach for Luxete focused on creating a visually stunning styleguide and app design that reflects the latest trends in the fashion industry. We aimed to provide users with a platform that not only showcases products but also fosters a sense of community.


  • Styleguide Creation: Crafted a comprehensive styleguide to ensure a consistent and trendy visual identity.
  • App Design: Designed engaging user interfaces that elevate the fashion shopping experience.

Client Testimonial

“Luxete has become more than an app; it’s a fashion community. The design work done by Rethink has truly transformed our vision into a reality. The team’s dedication to fashion and innovation shines through every aspect of Luxete.” – Franke van Elferen

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