IQRA – Online Class Management Web Application

Project Overview

Step into the future of education with IQRA, our comprehensive Online Class Management Web Application. Designed to simplify and enhance the teaching and learning experience, IQRA empowers educators and students to seamlessly conduct and attend classes, manage assignments, exams, and results—all within a single, user-friendly platform.

Team size



45 days



Client name

Abdullah Al-Hamdan


Saudi Arabia

Project Idea

IQRA was born from the vision of creating a centralized platform for managing online classes. The project aimed to provide a holistic solution for educators and students, facilitating seamless class attendance, assignment submissions, exam management, and result tracking. IQRA envisioned a platform that simplifies administrative tasks, allowing educators to focus on delivering quality education.

Challenges and Objectives

Addressing the challenges of online education, IQRA’s objective was to create a user-friendly platform that streamlines class management, promotes engagement, and provides valuable insights into student performance.

Our Approach

Our approach for IQRA centered around creating an intuitive and robust web application. We focused on user experience, ensuring that both educators and students can navigate the platform effortlessly. Our design prioritized functionality, accessibility, and the integration of essential features for effective online class management.


  • Styleguide Creation: Developed a styleguide to maintain a consistent and professional visual identity.
  • Web Design: Crafted user interfaces that prioritize ease of use, accessibility, and a seamless online class management experience.

Client Testimonial

“IQRA has transformed our online education approach. The team at Rethink brought our vision to life with their expertise in design and technology. The platform has become an invaluable asset in managing our online classes effectively.” – Abdullah Al-Hamdan

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