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Unlock the Potential of Your Business with Our Transparent Pricing Packages

Partner with experts to develop your MVP or enhance your existing product with the dedication and expertise your business deserves.

Project Discovery

฿ 150k

Empower Your Vision with Detailed Insights
(2-3 weeks)
Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Tech Lead
  • Feature Description & User Stories
  • Wireframes
  • Data Flow Diagram
  • Architecture Diagram
  • Tech Stack Definition
  • 3rd-Party Services
  • Project Estimation
Ideal for startups and businesses in the planning phase who need detailed project analysis and strategic insights to shape their product vision and roadmap.
Design Blueprint

฿ 300k

Bring Your Ideas to Life with Stunning Designs
(4-6 weeks)
Product Manager, UX/UI Designer, Tech Lead
  • All Project Discovery Services
  • UI/UX Design
  • High-Fidelity Mockups
  • Interactive Prototypes
  • User Testing
Ideal for startups ready to move from planning to design, and businesses looking to refine their UI/UX design with detailed creative planning and strategy.

฿ 750k+

Transform Your Vision into a Market-Ready Product
(appox. 3 months)
Product Manager, Web/Mobile Dev(s), QA
  • Backend Development
  • Frontend Development (1 platform)
  • 3rd-Party Integration
  • Quality Assurance
  • Deployment & Support
Ideal for startups ready to build their first product and businesses needing a scalable Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for market launch.


What if I need a customized package?

We offer bespoke solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us to discuss your needs.

How do I get started?

Simply reach out to us through our contact form or schedule a call. We'll guide you through the next steps.

What if I need support after the product launch?

We provide ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure your product's success.

What is included in the wireframes and mockups?

Wireframes are basic visual guides that represent the layout and navigation of your app. High-fidelity mockups are detailed, realistic designs showcasing the final look and feel of your product.

How do you handle project management and communication?

We use agile methodologies and regular updates to keep you informed about the project's progress. Our team is always available for meetings and discussions to ensure transparency.

Are there any hidden costs?

Our pricing is transparent, and we provide detailed estimates for each package. Any additional costs will be discussed and agreed upon before proceeding.

What if my project requirements change mid-way?

We understand that project requirements can evolve. We are flexible and can accommodate changes through a structured change management process.


Why Partner with Rethink?

Data-Driven Strategy

Harness data insights for strategic decisions and enhanced outcomes that drive success and measurable results.

Agile Development

Deliver projects with flexibility, speed, and quality, guided by an agile mindset that adapts to change, ensuring exceptional results.

User-Centered Design

Craft captivating, user-friendly experiences with a focus on UX/UI design excellence, guaranteeing seamless interactions and lasting impressions.

Measurable Outcomes

Focus on measurable results and ROI through data analytics, consistently delivering tangible value that ensures your product's success.

Collaboration Excellence

Nurture an innovative, collaborative culture where diverse talents flourish, empowering us to create remarkable digital solutions through teamwork.

Custom Software Solutions

Our specialty lies in developing reliable, scalable, high-quality custom software tailored to meet your unique needs perfectly.

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